Ryan Hoadley: Street Project Matches Professionals With Volunteer Opportunities

For young professionals in New York City, finding volunteer opportunities can be difficult due to busy schedules and limited availability. Since it began in 1987, Street Project has acted as a bridge between these professionals and individual charities in need of volunteers. The group is a nonprofit organization completely staffed by volunteers who understand the difficulties busy people have finding places to help in their communities.

Street Project works with a diverse group of organizations, including those revitalizing parks, feeding the needy, and helping the sick, among others. Time commitments vary, making volunteering possible even for those who have busy schedules. In addition to its direct charitable work, the group also sponsors social meet ups, allowing professionals who want to give back to meet others with similar interests.

Ryan Hoadley is a business professional and Street Project volunteer. Hoadley currently is an analyst in the financial industry and graduate of the University of Michigan, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.