Ryan Hoadley: Managing Business Administration

An analyst for a New York-based hedge fund, Ryan Hoadley has
several years of extensive financial and business experience. Providing
detailed analysis and managing innovative investment approaches for a
wide range of clients, Ryan Hoadley specializes in hedge fund management
and large-scale business development.

Business administration professionals are responsible for the comprehensive management of a commercial or not-for-profit organization, which ensure organizational
stability and steady growth. This is achieved by concentrating on a
number of areas, including operations, economics, marketing, logistics,
management, and human resources. Business administration teams oversee
the daily operations of all individual elements within an organization,
and make suggestions for improving each department’s profitability.

may be several business administrators within each department of an
organization, depending on the size of the company and the complexity of
the organizational structure. At the basic level of an organization, a
business administrator may be identified as a support officer,
responsible for the maintenance of databases, performance trend
analysis, and personnel management. On the next level of a corporate
structure, office managers observe and manage all operational,
financial, and administrative aspects within an office.