Michigan’s Coach and Quarterback Connected by Shared Experience

An experienced financial analyst, Ryan Hoadley has spent more than five years analyzing companies and equities for a hedge fund based in New York. Ryan Hoadley received his BBA from the University of Michigan, and he continues to support the university’s sports teams, including the Michigan Wolverines football program.

In a recent article, Michigan’s starting quarterback, Jake Rudock, explained the value of having a coach who has been in the same position. Both Rudock and head coach Jim Harbaugh have held starting quarterback positions at Michigan, where they encountered slow starts despite high expectations. While Rudock has secured better stats in three games than Harbaugh did in 1984, player and coach agree that Rudock and his teammates need to improve their timing to achieve more completions and fewer interceptions.

Rudock notes that Coach Harbaugh’s expertise and support have been instrumental in helping him cope with the role. According to Rudock, Harbaugh provides especially strong support on game day and knows how to help Rudock move forward after disappointments. Rudock also explains that instead of perfection, Coach Harbaugh emphasizes the importance of improvement and understands that it takes time.