Top Benefits of Running

Ryan Hoadley works as an analyst at Newbrook Capital Advisors in Midtown Manhattan. When not working, Ryan Hoadley enjoys staying in shape by running and skiing.

One of the best all-around forms of exercise, running provides a host of health benefits. Regular running enhances overall strength, enhancing muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and can help prevent future muscle and bone injury. Running also boosts cardiac health through the building of stronger heart muscles, which allow the heart to pump more blood without risk of overexertion. Given this cardiac workout, running also contributes to weight loss or maintenance. Additionally, running reduces risk of numerous ailments, including diabetes and high blood pressure, and can lessen the impact of asthma.

Outside of the physical benefits, running also improves mental health by increasing self-esteem and reducing depression and anxiety symptoms.

While running is a great exercise, most experts also recommend supplementing cardiovascular workouts with weight training.