Street Project: Connecting Professionals and Their Communities

Through his work as an analyst for a New York-based hedge fund, Ryan Hoadley helps people and businesses make successful investment decisions. His history in the industry is varied and wide-ranging, in part due to his efforts to understand fields from retail and chemical to commercial vehicles and consumers. When he isn’t working, Ryan Hoadley volunteers with the nonprofit charity organization Street Project.

Founded in 1987, Street Project is entirely run by volunteers. Connecting professionals with a variety of charity projects including Citymeals-on-Wheels, Dress for Success, and Helping Hands, the organization can match volunteer opportunities to almost any schedule. Thanks to Street Project’s flexible design, members are able to switch from one activity to another to find the ones that fit them and their schedules best. With membership ranging from college-age men and women to established professionals, Street Project holds member social gatherings to build a community of New York City professionals who are passionate about helping others.


Supporting New York’s Charities through Street Project

An analyst with a New York-based investment firm, Ryan Hoadley works to create financial projections, find investment opportunities, and develop financial models for various companies and equities. When he is not performing analyses, Ryan Hoadleygives back to his community by volunteering with Street Project.

Founded in 1987, Street Project has been committed to serving as a place for volunteers to find various charitable projects that fit their schedules. The nonprofit organization is run entirely by volunteers and offers a wide range of projects for which volunteers are able to help out each week, each month, or just one day during the weekend. Street Project also hosts member socials that give volunteers a chance to meet and connect with other professionals in the area who are committed to helping the community. These socials include professionals from a wide range of industries such as education, architecture, and finance.

Currently, Street Project supports more than 10 projects around New York. In addition to Ronald McDonald House, Street Project works with Career Gear, a project that provides job advancement and retention coaching to low-income men looking for work. Street Project helps Career Gear by sorting through business clothing donations, preparing coaching and workshop areas, and managing the organization’s inventory. Street Project also aids Helping Hands by pairing volunteers up with students to help paint and refurbish public school buildings. With several other supported projects, Street Project provides links to each project so volunteers can better familiarize themselves with each organization’s goal.

Ryan Hoadley – Career Gear at the Street Project

A graduate of the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, Ryan Hoadley currently serves as an analyst with Newbrook Capital Advisors, LP, in New York. Previously, he held positions with other financial firms such as AlpInvest Partners and Banc of America Securities, LLC. Ryan Hoadley supports charitable organizations such as the Street Project.

Since its founding in 1987, the Street Project has provided professionals in New York with opportunities to volunteer within the local community. As a non-profit organization staffed entirely by volunteers, the Street Project works with a variety of local groups, such as the Ronald McDonald House, the Police Athletic League, and University Soup Kitchen, in order to empower people who are homeless or economically challenged.

On Saturday, July 13, 2013, the Street Project will host an event titled Career Gear to offer assistance to low-income men who are seeking jobs to support themselves and their families. Attendees can receive free business apparel and career counseling services, and participate in mock interviews to improve their job-seeking skills.

Ryan Hoadley: Street Project Matches Professionals With Volunteer Opportunities

For young professionals in New York City, finding volunteer opportunities can be difficult due to busy schedules and limited availability. Since it began in 1987, Street Project has acted as a bridge between these professionals and individual charities in need of volunteers. The group is a nonprofit organization completely staffed by volunteers who understand the difficulties busy people have finding places to help in their communities.

Street Project works with a diverse group of organizations, including those revitalizing parks, feeding the needy, and helping the sick, among others. Time commitments vary, making volunteering possible even for those who have busy schedules. In addition to its direct charitable work, the group also sponsors social meet ups, allowing professionals who want to give back to meet others with similar interests.

Ryan Hoadley is a business professional and Street Project volunteer. Hoadley currently is an analyst in the financial industry and graduate of the University of Michigan, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.