University of Michigan Football Traditions

University of Michigan Football pic

University of Michigan Football

Financial professional Ryan Hoadley is an analyst with a hedge fund based in New York City. A graduate of Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, Ryan Hoadley follows Michigan football.

One of the most tradition-heavy colleges in the United States, the University of Michigan has a large number of rituals involving its football team. Before every football game, the marching band’s drum major tosses the mace over the goalposts in the north end zone. According to local superstition, if the drum major fails to catch the mace on the other side, the Michigan football team will lose the game. At every home game, there is a seat reserved for Fritz Crisler, the head football coach from 1938 to 1947.

Just before kickoff, the Michigan football team pelts through the tunnel at the 50-yard line and takes to the field. As they walk under the banner that reads “Go Blue: M Club Supports You,” players reach up and touch it. During these pre-kickoff festivities, the marching band performs “The Victors,” the school’s fight song.